• Strategic planning, reviews and needs assessment
  • Business planning and development
  • Quality & Performance Management Frameworks
  • Service Improvement: turn-around, quality, skill mix and care pathway redesign
  • Information Management & Business Intelligence
  • Planning and delivery of training/seminars/conferences
  • Partnership development
  • Team Development
  • Patient & Carer Involvement
  • Analysis and evaluation
Strategic planning, reviews and needs assessment
Support with undertaking comprehensive strategic and service reviews, needs assessments, developing commissioning plans, compliance assessments, Think Local Act Personal implementation plans and responding to national frameworks and policy; and practical help to turn these into concrete delivery plans, with clear milestones and success measures.
Business planning and development
Support, advice and practical know-how to help organisations define and develop their service offer, understand their market and operating environment, and make concrete, achievable and measurable plans for the short, medium and long term – through the whole business life-cycle.
Quality & Performance Management Frameworks
Comprehensive services to help commissioners, providers and standard-setting bodies define service outcomes, set in place robust systems for measuring them, and embedding the systems, tools and processes for ensuring that quality is delivered. Expert support to design new frameworks, review existing ones to make sure they meet your needs and are fit for the future and support to facilitate performance improvement.
Service Improvement: turn-around, quality, skill mix and care pathway redesign
Targeted support for commissioners and service providers to diagnose underlying issues and rapidly improve service quality and performance; expert help with capacity modelling, care pathway mapping and redesign to manage patient flow, improve patient experience and maximise efficiency; advice and support of the development of new service models, skills mix redesign to improve quality and productivity.
Information Management & Business Intelligence
Development of strategies for defining and securing the information you need to make sound business decisions, monitor progress against KPIs and business plan objectives, improving presentation, dissemination and use and securing on-going improvements in data quality.
Planning and delivery of training/seminars/conferences
Planning and running small group training and seminars, large conferences and international seminars, our commitment is to ensure a learning experience that merits the time away from the ‘day job’, by providing a stimulating range of learning methods, participant-focus, high calibre materials, facilitation and management services.
Partnership development
Working together in partnership either within organisations or between them is not always easy. It can take time to understand one another, trust that the sum will be greater than the parts, and to define what partnership ‘success’ looks like. And, the need to maintain partnerships once they have been set up is often overlooked. Lucent can provide expertise in such areas as vision and strategy formulation, design and facilitation of partnership-building away-time, written partnership agreements and action plans.
Team Development
How we function as a team can easily be overshadowed by the pressures of the tasks we have to do. It pays to take some time out of the ‘day-to-day’, reflect, share and grow together. Better performing teams always do. So, as well as providing specialist support for teams and organisations as set out under Services, we are also pleased to offer team building and development, including individual and team needs analyses, facilitation and one-to-one support.
Patient & Carer Involvement
From development of strategic approaches that foster pro-active patient and carer involvement to one-off consultation and engagement, Lucent brings expertise in the national policy framework and statutory duties, practical know-how from experience, as well as a commercial focus on the business development aspects of needing to put customers/service users at the heart of service development.
Analysis and evaluation
Expertise in undertaking 360 degree evaluations of services, interventions, quality standards/frameworks, strategy, policy and plans, or the likely impact of new ones. According to need, a mix of methodologies will be used involving literature and policy review, qualitative stakeholder analysis and quantitative data analysis to provide a rounded evaluation.